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Magnetic Signs for Cars, Vans and Trucks

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Magnetic Signs for Cars, Vans and Trucks

Magnetic Signs are one the most popular choice for your car, company vehicles, vans or tracks. The magnetic signs can be very easy applied to your car and removed without any damage to your vehicle. This means that your car, van or 4x4 can be very easily transformed from family car to business vehicle and back.

All our Magnetic Signs come with Rounded Corners to prevent your magnetic signs from the wind catching an edge unless otherwise specified and you require square corners.

Choose your magnetic sign size and type:

Panel size Price per Pair
1 color full color
15cm x 30cm £15 £16
20cm x 30cm £18 £20
40cm x 40cm £42 £45
45cm x 45cm £59 £61
60cm x 20cm £28 £30
60cm x 25cm £32 £35
60cm x 30cm £41 £43
60cm x 40cm £45 £47
60cm x 45cm £63 £65
60cm x 60cm £78 £80
70cm x 30cm £46 £48
70cm x 40cm £58 £62
Panel size Price per Pair
1 color full color
80cm x 30cm £55 £60
80cm x 40cm £68 £75
90cm x 30cm £65 £70
90cm x 40cm £75 £80
90cm x 45cm £80 £82
90cm x 50cm £83 £88
90cm x 60cm £85 £90
100cm x 40cm £80 £85
100cm x 60cm £85 £92
120cm x 60cm £90 £100
150cm x 60cm £100 £110

Price list for some popular sizes but we can make any size.

How to order your magnetic sign:

  1. Select the size in the above table by clicking the price.
  2. Online secure payment (PayPal, credit and debit cards).
  3. Upload your own artwork and place your order.
  4. Wait for an approval (usually max 24hours).
  5. Delivery.

Important information:

Please note! If you would like to order more magnetic signs sets then three, please contact us on or call us on 0845 116 2548 to get a better deal.

Your MSP-Signs Team.