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How to Apply Your Magnetic Signs

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Magnetic Vehicle Signs – IMPORTANT NOTICE!

All magnetic signs used on all types of vehicles must be applied us following:

The use of magnetic signs for vehicles may results in damage to vehicle paintwork. The following advice is therefore given to minimise the risk of such damage occurring. We do not guarantee that there will not be an adverse reaction between the magnetic sheet and the vehicle paintwork.

  • Never apply your magnetic sign to newly painted surface.
  • Before you applying your magnetic signs thoroughly clean, dry and polish with high quality wax the applying area.
  • Thoroughly clean your magnetic Signs from the applying area.
  • Make sure you don’t have any dust on both areas. Any Dust left can make damage to your car coating. If you’ll not follow our installation steps, your magnetic sing can be very expensive to your wallet.
  • Do ensure the magnetic signs is removed and cleaned regularly. The best cleaning application is soapy water. DO NOT USE SOLVENT Detergents. This Step must be done DAYLY!!!
  • Do ensure that all magnetic sheets are in contact with the vehicle to ensure maximum performance and thus avoid movement of the sign whilst in use at higher speeds.
  • Do not use on body panels containing plastic filler since this will drastically reduce the magnetic performance.
  • If you’ll not use your magnetic signs, keep them flat – preferably store it on a flat steel surface to avoid the magnetic face attracting airborne ferrous dust.

Motor Show Planet Signs do not give any warranty expressed or implied against loss of signs or damage to vehicle surfaces. We have no control over how signs are cared for, altered, stored, and/or used, or the surface to which the signs are applied. Unless specified, we round all corners.